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In the 970 A.D. the Emperor Otto I crossed these areas and described the situation:

"Transivimus per Deserta Langarum et reliquimus ea, sine tributo"
[We passed through the deserts of the Langhe and left them without payment of any tax].

It is the first time that the word "Langhe" is mentioned.
From this we got the name of our association, which organizes every last weekend of July since 1980 "The meeting in the woods" ("Appuntamento nei Boschi") and several initiatives and cultural and sporting events, including a network of trails with a development of over 30km suitable for hiking, walking, riding or mountain biking between the villages of Torresina and Igliano in the heart of our wild Langa.

The Langhe, just shy of a desert in the ancient age, preserve today a huge appeal (at least in this remote and wild area).

Walking into the wilderness, through the penetrating silence of the forest with the magnificent view of the plain crowned by the Alps, you can discover places that belong to a past that we thought gone forever.

We suggest that you follow our Sentieri [trails], linking art, culture and rural devotion to the nature, in the most simple and genuine way.
We point out some points of interest, including sites that have hosted one of the bloodiest battles of the first Napoleon's campaign of Italy, but we let that who travels these trails (walking, biking, riding) can find for himself the most characteristic corners, with the hope that he can totally grasp the deepest emotions.


"La Storia siamo noi" - "We are history"


The origin of Igliano is certainly very remote: to prove this, there are a latin tombstone and some ancient coins discovered during digging in 1884. This area belonged to marquis of Ceva that built a castle (around 1400) that later belonged to Sauli's family. The last Sauli of Igliano was Ludovico (1787-1874), a diplomatic official, historian and senator; in 1869 he sold the crumbling castle to town hall and then it had completely destroyed to make space for a square.

It's very interesting San Ludovico's church and San Sebastiano's chapel that were built respectively in XVII and XVI centuries.


It has just nominated in an Arrigo III's document in 1041 where it has called Torricella (Turricella Cebanorum) due to a tower build around 950 on the side of current square, near the church. Those years were a period of Saracenic incursion and due to this the farmers of this area found this residencial zone.

In 1875 it was promoted to autonomous village and the name changed in Torresina in honour of Onorato Cristina del Carretto di Lesegno. In this village it's very interesting San Giorgio's church (build in the XVIII century).

16 April 1796: the battle of "Bric Sanguinetti"

The morning is bright and fresh. They tell that french Napoleon's troops, on the hills around Montezemolo, shout out fill with wonder for the beauty of panorama...during a bayonet assault between Piedmont's army "Acqui" and french military division of Augereau die major general of regiment, Cavoretto's marquis. In the place where he died, his page built a wooden cross.

In 2004 a new cross has been put in the same place where the ancient one was, in remembrance of terrible battle and in memory of all the fallens.

Untill evening everywhere there are battles, cannon shot, rounds of fusillade, smoke and all these things make an infernal and spectral mood. Ceva and the Pedaggera have stood off, invaders are repulsed in Paroldo.

The battle has costs 600 dead among french troops and 270 among piedmont's army.

But french troops were able to reach Mombasiglio and Lesegno. In the night, the general of Piedmont army orders retreat of all front to positions of San Michele Mondovi.

The 17 April of 1796 the Augereau brigade enter in Torresina and build the tree of liberty, equality and fraternity; but due to difficulty of procurement, the french general force the village to pay war tax.

....Click on this photo to take a look of the battle map!!


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